The short English version

About Radio24syv

We're a privately owned, license financed, public service channel, broadcasting talk radio 24 hours a day. Our news editors serve news and current events, while our own program editors and external producers create the daily and weekly culture, science, and debate programs.

In April 2011, Berlingske People A/S was granted permission to broadcast nationally in Denmark. Subsequently, license financing and public service requirements followed.

Brief facts for our foreign friends

  • We are funded by public license fees only. No sponsorships, no commercials.
  • We are a public service radio station. We have no political or religious affiliations and we are totally independant of DR / Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the other Danish public service radio provider. 
  • We cover the territory within Danish national boarders on FM radio, DAB radio, plus web and mobile streaming.
  • Our program format is Talk & News
  • We are allowed to air one hour of English speaking programs a day, in the time slot from 4 to 5 AM
  • Our target group is the listener older than 35 years of age. 



Radio24syv's Board of Directors

Jørgen Ramskov, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Martin Montag, Head of Administration

Editorial Management

Mikael Bertelsen and Mads Brügger, Directors of Programming